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Columbus Compilation Cassette


Gravelvoice GVR-001

This project is what caterpulted me into the forays of engineering and producing. My goal was to record every song by every punk band in our little burg. Since we lived in Columbus, IN, there were only three bands. I borrowed an open reel four track from Dano Dog in West LaFayette, IN and a mixing board from Jim Ryser. I scheduled each band or side project to come in each day and we recorded every song they knew and then overdubbed the vocals. On the last day of the week I spent all day and all night mixing the final product which amounted to 90 minutes of completed material edited down to 60 minutes for release. I was so excited about my completed project that I drove to Indianapolis that weekend and stopped by Second Time Around Records to play the mix for them. The guy behind the counter said, "This sounds pretty good but why did you mix in mono?" I didn't know stereo from mono then so I answered, "I just did it that way. It wasn't until the late eighties that I actually remixed the tapes with reverb effects and compression and all the studio gimmicks.


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