Climax Golden Twins


Gravelvoice/ Anomolous (GVR-016/ NOM15)
2000/ 2002
CD w/ pillow/ CD

The original recording was edited and created for a gallery installation at the Brian Ohno Gallery in Seattle, WA. The installation was of neon sculpture so the drone was supposed to offset the buzz of the neon. In this version, we placed a few annoying sounds like alarms, bells, high pitched whines, etc. I was so moved by the underlying drone that I used it to fall asleep to one night. Oddly, when the annoying bits came in, I woke up. So wreworked it to exclude these things and it was a perfect sleep aid. I issued it on Gravelvoice as a CD-R that came with a buckwheat hull pillow. This sold OK but was expensive and conceptually beyond most people. So years later, Anomoulous reissued it.


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