Prepare for your Death

nice live shot from this show

Nice write up for this show

THREAT: Jabon, Noisepoetnobody, Eric Ostrowski

(Mercury) Jabon—aka Scott Colburn—makes his living as one of the region’s most respected audio engineers, producing recordings for Animal Collective, Sun City Girls, Arcade Fire, and many others. On the side, Colburn creates very strange music, what he calls “Dark Ambient Avant Garde Disco Comedy.” That peculiar combination of styles comes to vividly perverse life in his performances, in which he wears a wizard’s robe and dances flamboyantly amid fog-machine emissions to his warped synthesizer symphonies and demented dance tracks. Notable local drone composer Noisepoetnobody (aka Casey Jones) recently recorded an LP for Butoh dance called The River. It’s an idiosyncratic, minimalist work executed on analog and modular synths that radiates enigmatic fibrillations and watery evocations, complementing the dancers’ fraught, baffling moves. DAVE SEGAL

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